Manito, IL 61546

Manito is approximately 17 miles south west of Pekin Illinois on Manito Road.   Take state route 29 south from Pekin, turn right (west)onto Manito Road at the Pekin Prison.  Manito Road becomes "Hiway Blvd" at Manito's city limits and "Adam's St" at Main. Turn right (west) at the corner of Adams and State Street. The "Old Red School" and the "Old Jail" are on property behind the Manito Community Bank which is located at the corner of Adams and State Street.

FORMAN VALLEY LIBRARY:  to reach the Forman Valley Library turn east at Adams and State toward "downtown."  It is one block to the RR tracks then two more blocks to "Harrison Street"  Turn right (south) on Harrison.  The library is located on the same block as the "Forman Center" which is the old high school complex.  The address of the library is  404 1/2 South Harrison Street, Manito, Illinois, 61546.